Baladinos Apartments is a family hotel. Going back in 1981 mom and dad (Manolis and Aristea) bought the land as a summer place for us, the family and close relatives and soon decided to expand it and share with other people the opportunity to experience what we were experiencing every summer. The sun, the sea, the birds, the greenery, the warmth, the freedom, the serenity and lack of worries. So, in 1986 we were able to receive our first guests – some of them still here with us, who have of course become part of our lives – more than friends, family. In the years to follow we have met, talked, connected, said our goodbyes, stayed in touch with people from all over the world. Each one of them we believe was here for a reason and left a mark (a trace) in our place. The family keeps growing and growing but the bonds remain strong. What can we say? We like tradition. Havig grown up with long hours of free play and imagination we know that this is what we want to offer to children. No organized ways to keep kids distracted but carefree hours in nature. As this place is not just our business but our home, we are not looking for customers but guests that are open to talk, smile, share. People who will come as guests but leave as friends. This is how we have always felt and how we wanted to work. If you are looking for more than just a place to stay Baladinos Apartments is the right place for you.